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Court (Protodikiou) Square
Naxos Island, 84300 Cyclades, Greece
Tel: +30 22850 23965, 23966, 23967
Fax: +30 22850 23968

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You can get around Naxos Island by Buses, motorbikes, cars, jeeps & sea!
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Naxos is the biggest of cycladic islands.
Situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea, in the middle of the cycladic cluster, always followed the fate of its inhabitants. Always followed their adventures. Everything in Naxos is big, compared with the other islands. From the top of the highest mountain you scan the horizon and the rest of the islands. Filled with monuments, showing a significant culture, unique landscape, routes through valleys or mountain, Naxos is an ideal place for holidays.
Naxos has approximately 17000 inhabitants, scattered in several villages. It preserves its architectural style. Its villages clean and rich in cultivations. Its inhabitants are loyal to their culture and tradition.
Travelling in Naxos, visiting its monuments and landmarks is a unique experience. Meeting its people, get to know their souls, creates a great impression. All the spots of the island, the mountain, the sea are most provocative. Very old churches, castles and blazons in every step. Cycladic Architecture, dazzling white houses in green surroundings, Venetian castles and old Byzantine chapels.
The access to the island is easy. During summer there are several boat-schedules daily, that bring you to the island in 5 hours.
Nevertheless, the growth of transportation increased the speed and reduced the time of the journey. With high-speed ferries, from Piraeus, you only need 2,45 hours. From Naxos, you can also travel to the surrounding islands and to Crete. The services you can find in a major city, you can also find in Naxos Hora, as it has banks, all kind of stores, easy communication through phone world-wide. Small hotel units, clean, fully equipped, beautiful offer all amenities for comfortable stay. Islanders, the people of Naxos offer their hospitality to the visitors.
Naxos has a big account of past events, most important of which are the following:
3rd millennium B.C. Naxos is the centre of the Cycladic Civilization, the oldest of the European cultures.
2nd millennium B.C. Naxos is the bridge across which Minoan civilization expanded throughout the Mediterranean.
8th-6th century B.C. Wealthy society. Settlement in Sicily. Export of Naxian marble, development of fine arts. Construction and dedication of sculptures such as the Sphinx in Delphi, the lions in Delos are some of the masterpieces.
41 B.C. Naxos becomes a province of Roman Empire.
1207-1564 Venetian occupation
1564-1821 Ottoman occupation May 6th
1821 Revolution against the Turks
February 3rd, 1830 The union with Greece.
  Archaeological Museum
Folk Museum Aperathou

Venetian castle
Grispi Tower
Tower of Cheimaros
Apollo or Dionysus

Churches and monasteries
Cathedral Zoodochos Pigi
Catholic Cathedral

el. 22850 23969
Port Authority
el. 22850 22300
Bus station
el. 22850 22291
el. 22850 22444, 24331
OTE Telecommunication company
el. 22850 22599, 22099
Health center
el. 22850 23333, 23676
Medical center
el. 22850 61206 Apeiranthos
Police station
Tel. 22850 22100, 23280
Port Police
el. 22850 22300
Tel. 22850 23932, 24695
Town Hall
Tel. 22850 22717, 24799
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