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Court (Protodikiou) Square
Naxos Island, 84300 Cyclades, Greece
Tel: +30 22850 23965, 23966, 23967
Fax: +30 22850 23968

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By bus
A tour around the island

As we set off in the morning the bus heads toward the south-eastern direction of the island. As we cross the green rich valley we encounter the tower of Belonia a remarkable example of Latin architecture (17th century).
We soon approach the fertile plaines in the central part of the island (Tragaia), where the picturesque villages are surrounded by olive trees, oak trees, citrus trees and oleander. Here the Byzantine and Latin monuments are interspersed throughout the area. In the company of our experienced staff we will admire the Protothroni church (11th century) and the Tower of Barozzi (Grazia, 17th century). As we walk through the once commercial walkways, we meet the oddest citron distillery (Vallindras 1896).
Our next stop is at the Lilliputian and one of the oldest churches in the Balkans, Panaghia Drosiani (6th century), which is situated in a distinct location with very interesting frescoes.
Our bus ride continues the excursion in the central part of the island, passing through Filoti, the largest village. this village is built like an amphitheatre facing west. After 8 km. drive, we arrive in Apiranthos, a unique village with an authentic cultural heritage and a people known for their genuine and authentic characteristics. Here we will be given the opportunity to visit the Geological, Archaeological, Folklore and Natural History Museums.

After Apiranthos the bus heads north to our final destination, the village of Apollonas which lies opposite the coast of Myconos. As we cross the mountains intersecting this part of the island, from an attitude we are able to see a magnificent view of the neighbouring villages surrounding this particular area: Koronos, Messi, Skado. In the past these were thriving and prosperous villages during the period of emery mining. Somewhere fronting east at an altitude of 600 meters, the aerial rail car which transported the emery that was exported all over the world is located.
Finally we reach picturesque Apollonas, formerly a coastal navigation port. On the slope of a hill stands the monument of Apollo, an incarnation of the most cheerful God. Our guides will provide us with information with regard to this monument.
In Apollonas we will have the opportunity to swim in a calm and inviting sea. The restaurants in the area offer varieties of delicious island cuisine. We will have sufficient time to relax and explore this most graphic local.
On our way back to the main town you will have the pleasure of viewing the mountainous landscape as well as the indented coastline of Aghia, Abram, Faneromeni and the village of Eggares.
Sights definitely worth seeing as we complete our guided tour round about the island of Naxos.

On a traditional caique

The M/S KAPETAN ANTONIS is one of the most distinct traditional caique designs of Greece. But she is also totally renewed and converted for pleasurable and safe cruising.This fine combination of both classic elegance and modern navigation ensures a memorable experience arround Naxos and the small Cyclades.

Private tours

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